Digital Shelves

Inleads Digital Shelves allows the library to create virtual exhibitions in the library space. (see video below) With Digital Shelves, the library can present items gathered in themes that the user can browse through on a touchscreen. Themes can be fixed topics such as science fiction novels, new crime novels and latest music, or inspired by the season (e.g., mushrooms, Easter and more). Current topics such as sports events, political elections and so on would also be obvious choices for a theme. Digital Shelves give the library users the possibility to read short descriptions of the item, related topics and further details. In addition, it is possible to see where the item is physically located, what other users have loaned, releases by the same author or other works in the same series. Additionally, the following extensions are offered: Reservations Reserve items directly from Digital Shelves. Loans Lend items directly from Digital Shelves with a scanner. Returns Return items directly to Digital Shelves with a scanner. Videos Related videos like trailers and music videos from YouTube can be played directly from the screen. Reviews Reviews of different items and reviews from Infomedia are displayed for the relevant items. eBookcase For books that exist as e-books on the eBookcase, a booklet is displayed that the user can read directly on the screen.     If the library has easyWay, the physical location of an item can be displayed on a map. Applications: Accessed via touchscreen. Integration: DBC Well, MoreInfo, Cicero, Infomedia, Teachings, eBookcase, YouTube, OPAC Search, Wayfinder