DDB’s CMS – and more

easySuite consists of different digital distribution platforms that all work smoothly both together and separately. It also means that the platforms can be acquired individually or collectively.

easyOPAC and easySite

easyOPAC consists of a number of services. Collectively the platforms and services create a complete solution for digital dissemination.

Article sharing/Library Produced Content (LPC)
Startup and Implementation MasterKey
Hosting – Including Monitoring, Backup and Security
Development and Upgrading
Continuous Support and ServiceCenter
Editorial- and Innovative Development with Continuous Information Updates Collaborate on Open Source Based Library Development

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Based on DDB* CMS with improved design and additional functionality.

>a easyOPAC and easySite are based on Drupal and the Danish national solution, DDB CMS, with the related paradigms, including Open Source and Open Data.

easyOPAC og easySite are based on the same core solution. easyOPAC offers in addition to that from  easySite, a completely integrated OPAC-function for libraries.

* Danskernes Digitale Bibliotek (The Danes’ Digital Library)


The easySite-system offers the following basic functionalities to be utilized when needed:

  • Front-page and sub-page editing with drag’n’drop
  • Article system with workflow (approval flow)
  • Publishing- and off-publishing date
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) common picture and file archive
  • BPI/Article Exchange – possibility to share own / collect other libraries’ articles
  • Article lists – automatic display of articles based on taxonomies (date, etc.)
  • Material lists – display of base posts in lists
  • Events and event calendar (display events and possibly ticket ordering)
  • Opening hours. Displays opening hours for all branches on the front page and the year-specific opening hours of in each branch-specific page
  • Library-specific homepage, with map, addresses including year-specific opening hours
  • Hybrid app, which makes your app solution available for App Store and Google Play

As an integrated solution, easyOPAC can offer additional services.

  • User-/visitor-login
  • Visitor status, visitor core information edit
  • Search function, with advanced search
  • Result list with works display (all material types of the specific posts are displayed bundled)
  • Mail display with status (home/not home), with alignment
  • Bookmarks (requires LMS support)
  • Possibility to edit/change loans and reservations
  • Search access for external sources

Adding editorial content to the site is simple, and it is easy to share content towards the easyScreen, easyMobil og emailKanon platforms.

easyOPAC has a standard design, that in addition to its advanced functionalities, is both inviting and easy to use without major changes.



With easyScreen the library can activate a blank wall or shelf space with interactive information media.

With short news easyScreen can inform by-passers about the materials or activities in the library. When users engage with a touchscreen, easyScreen becomes an interactive search tool.

easyScreen also enables OPAC searching by users engaging with the touch-sensitive screens. The results from the interaction is stored and can, as with the website, be used for analyzes of user-generated data.

easyScreen is used to search in the libraries articles from the website and content obtained from other sources, to find inspiration or detailed information about your event and/or activities. If you consider opening automatic registering services, easyScreen can help to improve the user experience greatly.

easyScreen can also be used independently of easySuite and other library search systems.



With easyMail the system can identify your new website content and automatically distribute the material in an email newsletter.

You will also, however, be able to check the content before broadcasting. Or you can choose to gather the content from a given set of website publications, and you can test different variations and figure out what works best for you. You can send to your whole audience, or parts of it, or even make the system select and prioritize the content for each user’s preferences –from a dynamic profile that is automatically updated every time the user clicks. It’s all about being able to communicate individually, relevant and targeted to individual users – despite the fact that communication is automated.

Permission Management

easyMail Permission Management provides insight into what interests your recipients, revealed through their clicks. This helps to identify the answers to the questions: which posts should we create more and fewer of? And which posts should not be created at all? Permission management also ensures that your audience can be broken down by what you know about them, based on their click history.

Loyalitets Management

easyMail Loyalty Management enables the library to easily and inexpensively build their own loyalty club, which can strengthen the association between the library and its users. Our Loyalty Management platform makes it possible to choose how you want to set up the library’s offers and how you will communicate deals to users. Along with newsletters and the Permission Management, Loyalty Management optimizes your communication with users and allows users to become great ambassadors for the library. We will gladly provide advices regarding how the library can optimize the effect of the solutions and how easyMail allows for a strengthened targeting focus.



easyOPAC adapted to mobile devices.

easyMobil is a responsive web design developed in HTML5. Responsive web design means that the screen will be adjusted to the current screen and display size.

Furthermore, easyMobil is created as an application, so it is also available in AppStore.


Startup and Implementation MasterKey

If the library has chosen an OPAC/MasterKey solution, then each library’s individual data will be adapted.


Article Sharing /Library Produced Content (LPC)

Although the OPAC/the base function is the functionality that currently draws clearly most visitors, it is important to have an ongoing editorial updated website.

Sharing articles is one of the core functionalities in deliveries from Inlead. With few clicks, our article sharing features makes it possible to exchange items, including pictures and links from one library to another.

With Library Produced Content it will be possible to plan the editorial course, such as descriptions of major events with relationships to the library’s own materials and recommendations of relevant material.

Inlead provide further consultancy services in connection with developing an editorial strategy and content production.


Hosting – Including Monitoring, Backup and Security

easyOPAC will be hosted by Inlead and like easyScreen, easyMail and other types of software in the library solution, the service will be monitored and maintained 24/7 365 days a year.

Our service includes updates/patching of the operating solutions and daily backup including recovery opportunities.

easyOPAC guarantees an uptime of 99%, with unlimited data traffic, 30 GB storage, 2GB RAM and 1 CPU available included in the solutions.


Development and Upgrading

With Open Source based products the customer is generally responsible for conducting software development and assure that the necessary updates are implemented.

It if therefore important that the cooperation gives the library the opportunity to have a constant overview of the modules that already exist and which are currently in production, both in terms of Drupal in general, and specifically DDB CMS.

As a part of the easyOPAC package, Inlead communicates current information about the development of the Drupal CMS and DDB to customers, and simultaneously development of the DDB cooperation. Through Inlead’s ServiceCenter the libraries can create a dialogue with each other and Inlead regarding new features and modules, and receive service and product offers.

Inlead will also provide a continuously updated overview of updates, separated into “required updates” and “recommended upgrades”, with estimates of potential costs.


Continuous Support and ServiceCenter

Inlead’s support includes all of the easyWeb elements. Support can be requested via email, the ServiceCenter and/or by phone.

In principal customer inquiries will be answered the same day, and we guarantee a maximum 8-hours response.

Inlead’s ServiceCenter is an online forum where libraries can exchange experiences related to the usage of the software, new modules and features, as well as editorial “tips and tricks”. The platform can also be used to find information regarding relevant easyWeb-services, and the editorial planning is also done through the ServiceCenter.




Collaborate on Open Source based Library Development

easySuite is based on the Open Source system DDB CMS, with several additional features and operated by Inlead – all in a formilized relationship with the customers.

Inlead works closely with DBC and DDB  in relation to the product.

By participating in the easySuite collaboration your library can take a shortcut to a complete Open Source based library solution without spending unnecessary resources.

With easySuite it is possible to produce editorial content (articles, etc.) and publish the content on four different platforms in one process. This is about:

• OPAC/website
• Big- or touchscreen
• Mobile devices
• Newsmail

easySuite is a collaboration that, beyond pooling financing and developing digital services, focuses on key elements such as sharing of editorial production, innovation, continuous information and educating the library staff.

easySuite is based on a formalized cooperation between the participating libraries and Inlead.

easySuite is a part of the DDB cooperation. Through this cooperation the participants are able to create solutions far more advanced than a simple library could achieve individually.

Inlead’s concept takes into account the differences in library sizes and designs. It is possible to participate as a development partner with high ambitions and individual resources, alternatively, your library can choose a passive role, within which the library benefits form the other parties’ contributions.

From this point on, customers can use easySuite as the only point of contact.

The library will be regularly informed about new initiatives in Drupal/DDB CMS platforms and other products with relevance to the library and receive digital information flows in the sector from domestic and foreign development.

We invite libraries to enter into a formal partnership in which each library has influence on the cooperation in the annual General Assembly. Here, there will also be elected a board and a representation constituting the general management of the cooperation.

The cooperation’s primary objective is to ensure that the libraries generates maximum value for their investments and simultaneously assures that the collaboration provides maximum benefits for each respective library, by cooperating on:

• Content production
• Digital development
• Education

The starting point for the cooperation is that all libraries use the same software. This entails Drupal based CMS systems such as DDB CMS.

Similar bigcreen- and mobile management systems on the system level is convenient, however, it is not a requirement to participate in the easySuite cooperation.

At the technical level, collaboration on e.g. the editorial content production, distribution and editorial activities would simplify the cooperation.

As a result of the rapid changes in the digital sector, cooperation is an important element to assure education and knowledge sharing.



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