Our customers are libraries and other public cultural mediators

Danish Clients

Film Portales

CMS Solutions

Portals for Local Governments, Culture


Screen Solutions

  • Bornholm Public Libraries (easyScreen)
  • Brøndby-Bibliotekerne (easyScreen, Digital Shelves, Room Overview, Wayfinder and Welcome Screen)
  • Esbjerg Kommunes Biblioteker (Friendly Frank)
  • Faxe Kommunes Biblioteker (easyScreen and Digital Shelves)
  • Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne (easyWay and Welcome Screen)
  • Hedensted Bibliotekerne (easyScreen)
  • Herlev-Bibliotekerne (easyScreen and Digital Shelves)
  • Holbæk Bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Ishøj Bibliotek (Digital Shelves, Friendly Frank and OPAC Search)
  • Lemvig Bibliotek (easyScreen)
  • Middelfart Bibliotek (easyScreen, Video Host, Digital Shelves, easyWay, Room Overview, Media Modul, Welcome Screen and Friendly Frank)
  • Næstved Bibliotek (Digital Shelves with lending facilities – and easyWay)
  • Slagelse Bibliotekerne (easyScreen and Digital Shelves)
  • Tårnby Kommunebiblioteker (easyScreen and Room Overview)

Portals for Local Governments, Culture


  • DDB – (Hosting and selenium test)

Norwegian Clients

CMS Solutions

  • Fredrikstad bibliotek (easyOPAC)
  • Hvaler bibliotek (easyOPAC)
  • Indre Østfold bibliotek (easyOPAC)
  • Kristiansand (easyOPAC)
  • Mossebibliotekene (easyOPAC)
  • Stord folkebibliotek (easyOPAC)
  • Øygardsbiblioteka (easyOPAC)
  • 4 fylkesbiblioteker (musikportal)

Screen Solutions and selfservice

  • Asker bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Kvinnherad bibliotek (Digital Shelves, Wellcome Screen and easyWay)
  • Lier bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Lyngdal bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Mossebibliotekene (easyScreen, Digitale Shelves, OPAC Search, easyWay and Friendly Frank)
  • Nome bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Nord-Odal (Digital Shelves, easyWay and Friendly Frank)
  • Porsgrunn bibliotek (Video Host)
  • Rana bibliotek (Digital Shelves, Wellcome Screen and easyWay)
  • Sámediggi/ The Sami Parliament (Friendly Frank)
  • Skien bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Tysnes folkebibliotek (easyScreen, Poster Screen and Dissemination Module)
  • Tysvær Folkebibliotek (Digital Shelves and Friendly Frank)
  • Vang folkebibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Vindafjord bibliotek (Digital Shelves)
  • Våler bibliotek (Digitale Shelves and Friendly Frank)
  • Øygardsbiblioteka Digital Shelves)

Finnish Clients

  • Hämeenlinna Main Library (easyWay)
  • Kuopio Public Library (easyWay)
  • Pyhtää Public Library (easyWay)


  • B.P. Hasdeu Library, Chisinau, Moldova (Digital Shelves)
  • Kware State University Library, Nigeria (CMS Drupal solution)

Other public customers

We support a number of public institutions with development and operations.

  • Dansk BiblioteksCenter (Development)
  • ITK Aarhus (Development)
  • Danskernes Digitale Bibliotek, DDB (Development)
  • Slagelse Kommune. Center for Miljø Plan og Teknik. Færger og Havne (easyScreen)

Private kunder

Sorry, this entry is only available in Danish and Norsk.