About us

We provide functional digital communication solutions across platforms aimed at perfectly ordinary people.

Inlead is a digital communications agency that has provided digital solutions since 1999. From 2005 Inlead has concentrated on providing state-of-the-art solutions to Danish libraries. Inlead is a part of Peytz & Co which is also Inlead’s financial guarantor.

In Inlead we have employees who combined possesses considerable expertise in the development of Drupal and in the Open Source based LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Inlead functions as a system integrator and we also provide apps for the mobile and tablet universe.

Inlead operates about 15 percent of Danish web- and OPAC solutions and offers a ding2tal based solution, called easySuite.
easySuite focuses on operations, support and development of ding2 based solutions.

In the library community each respective library can contribute with own resources and experiences, or they can chose a more passive role and exclusively learn from the experiences and the results the collaboration finds.

Beyond the technical aspect are both editorial collaboration and innovation initiatives included in easySuite. If a task for Inlead is either too costly or demands additional resources projects will be supplemented with the assistance of Peytz & Co. In this situation, Inlead will under all circumstances be accountable for the library specific competence.

Inlead is always ready to undertake development projects for libraries.


Carsten Dibbern

Carsten Dibbern
Email: cd@inlead.dk
Telephone: +4540847900

Peter Rodenberg

Peter Rodenberg
Email: pr@inlead.dk
Telephone: +4540750500

Jakob Henriksen

Jakob Henriksen
Project Manager
Email: jh@inlead.dk

Martin Cording

Martin Cording
Head of Development, Project Manager
Email: mc@inlead.dk