Stord folkebibliotek is choosing easyOPAC

After having seen a presentation of Inlead’s CMS at the Bibliofil user meeting in Narvik, Stord folkebibliotek has chosen to acquire easyOPAC replacing their current website.

Stord is the seventh Norwegian public library to choose easyOPAC.

easyOPAC is fully integrated with the Bibliofil library system.


Kristiansand folkebibliotek chooses easyOPAC

 At Inlead, we are proud to announce Kristiansand a new easyOPAC customer.

Kristiansand folkebibliotek has, in addition to easyOPAC, chosen easyScreen as their new screen solution and easyEmail as their newsletter solution.

With Kristiansand on easyOPAC, the solution will serve citizens with the webpage solution in Fredrikstad, Moss, Inner Østfold, Hvaler, Øygarden biblioteker and now also Kristiansand folkebibliotek.

easyOPAC, integrated with Bibliofil, offers several advantages for libraries and their users.

We look forward to collaborating with Kristiansand folkebibliotek

Moss bibliotek

Moss bibliotek that already is up and running with easyOPAC, has also chosen to acquire display solutions from Inlead.
This will include Digital Shelves, OPAC Search as new “search terminals” and easyWay wayfinding. Finally, Moss bibliotek will also use Inlead’s self-servce machine – Friendly Frank.
We look forward to the expanded collaboration.

4 new easyOPAC customers

In collaboration with Bibliotek-Systemer As, Inlead has won four new costumers in Norway through a tender round. The libraries are placed in Fredrikstad, Moss, Indre Østfold and Hvaler.

The easyOPAC solution in Norway is fully integrated with Bibliofil which is Bibliotek-Systemer’s market-leading library system in Norway.

The solution also includes Inlead’s Library App.

Øygardsbiblioteca has already made use of easyOPAC for more than a year.

When Inlead easyOPAC solutions are in use at the new libraries, Inlead will serve more than 180 000 Norwegian inhabitants with the library’s home page solution.

The easyOPAC customers in Denmark have been a part of a well-developed cooperation for many years. That has made it even cheaper for each library to achieve new functionalities to their CMS. The development will become even cheaper whenever  there is a convergence between the Danish and Norwegian wishes for development.

The four libraries in Norway have also decided to use Inlead’s newsletter program, easyEmail.

Inlead warmly welcome the four new libraries. We look forward to our collaboration.


The libraries in Tønder municipality is our new easyOPAC customer

The libraries in Tønder municipality have chosen to use easyOPAC  per January 1st 2021

easyOPAC is based on DDB CMS, enriched with optimazed functionality, extra support, tuition and an efficient development environment based on joint financing.

In Denmark exclusively, there are now sixteen libraries using easyOPAC.

We wish Tønder the best of luck and we look forward to collaborating with you.



Sámediggi/ The Library of the Sámi Parliament

The Sámi Parliament library has now acquired Friendly Frank for their self-service solution. The Sámi Parliament is a national, representative assembly for the Sámis in Norway. The Sámi Parliament and it’s principal administration is placed in Karasjok in Norway – close to the Finnish boarder.

The lSámi Parliament Library uses Alma as their LMS and is thus Inlead’s first Alma customer.

We look forward to the collaborating with The Sámi Parliament Library.


Øvre Eiker purchases OPAC Search

Øvre Eiker library has chosen Inlead for delivery of their new search interface.

We look forward to the cooperation.


Øygarden – both easyOPAC and Digital Shelves

Øygardsbiblioteka already using easyOPAC from Inlead as their home page system, has now chosen to take advantage of screen solutions from Inlead. For a start the libraries have chosen Digital Shelves for their main library.
We’re looking forward to continue our collaboration with the libraries in Øygarden – also when it comes to screen options.

New customer: Rana bibliotek

Rana bibliotek has purchased Digital Shelves and Welcome Screen with easyWay way finder for their spectacular library.

We look forward to seeing their screens in use and to our future collaboration with Rana bibliotek.


Friendly Frank in various library spots in Esbjerg

Esbjerg Bibliotekerne have recently started using their Friendly Franks in seven different places within the municipality.

They are situated in so-called library spots where the citizens normally show up for other reasons. Now, the citizens are able to pick up their ordered materials, return them and search for materials from the library’s complete inventory. The library can also create inspirational lists shown on the screen in order to let the user’s order materials directly from the place they’re in.

Friendly Frank can work as an alternative to the Book bus. It can also be expanded with various functions such as an event calendar or a newsletter.

Vilslev_webHere you see Friendly Frank in the supermarket Brugsen i Vilslevjernved_2_web The activity house in Jernvedegebæk-hvidding_webEgebæk-Hviding culture and leisure center

hjerting_webHjerting, nursing home