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Inlead creates new design in Norway

Inlead’s development of a new design for the updated version of Bibliofil in Norway is already in full swing. Bibliofil is by far the most widely used library system for public libraries in Norway. Since Bibliotek-Systemer won a public tender from Bergen, Trondheim, Kristiansand and Stavanger, Bibliotek-Systemer have chosen to release a new version of Bibliofil with design assistance from Inlead.

Bibliotek-Systemer is Inlead’s partner in Norway.


Næstved Bibliotek & Borgerservice new easyOPAC cutomer

Næstved Library & Borgerservice new easyOPAC customer

Næstved Library, already a user of Inlead’s screen solutions, recently signed up for Inleads CMS solution, easyOPAC, as well. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration – also when it comes to easyOPAC.


Communication and self-service: 2 sides of the same coin!

Digital Shelfs and OPAC Search let your users borrow and return materials. easyScreen thus provides you with a combined solution of database search and reservation, in addition to wayfinding, digital displays and a complete self-service terminal.

Welcome Screen and Wizard Guides

When you are running a busy house with a multitude of activities and materials, it is important to keep a clear overview.

The Welcome Screen provides users with a quick and simple introduction to current activities. The system is automatically updated and fully integrated with our map function, which in turn offers a more detailed overview including the location of materials.


National Park Thy – New easyOPAC customer

National Park Thy has signed up for delivery of Inlead’s search solution. We are looking forward to our collaboration.


Inlead’s Products at Göteborg Book Fair

All Screen Solutions from Inlead are presented at BTJ’s booth. This takes place at Göteborg Book Fair 28th of September – 1st of October. BTJ has chosen to distribute Inlead’s Screen Solutions as part of a digital campaign in Sweden starting with the exhibition in Göteborg.

(Scroll to see BTJ’s booth).


Bornholm Public Libraries – new customer

Bornholm’s Public Library is now one of our new easyOPAC clients – Inlead’s content management solution. Consequently, Bornholm becomes the 17th public library in Denmark to implement easyOPAC. We are looking forward to collaborating with Bornholm’s Public Libraries.


New Client: Tórshavn Public Library

Býarbókasavnið, Tórshavn Library, has signed up for Inlead’s implementation and management of easyOPAC CMS solution. In addition to this, Tórshavn has ordered Digital Shelfs with easyWay wayfinder integrated with the library collection. Furthermore, the library will receive three screens to be used for communication and promotion of our Dissemination Module. We are looking forward to our collaboration with Tórshavn Library.


Digital Shelfs in Norway

A Norwegian provider of library systems, Bibliotek-Systemer AS, has made agreements with Inlead to distribute Digital Shelfs in Norway. Below you can see the cover of their most recent newsletter.


Inlead delivers design for Biblioteksøk in Norway

Norway just got its first joint search data base, Biblioteksøk (Library Search). All of Norway’s public library records can be found in Biblioteksøk. This is a solution that communicates with all public libraries in Norway and standardizes all data before showing it. In Denmark, the closest thing we have to Biblioteksøk is Inlead contributed to the development of Biblioteksøk with usability and graphic design. We congratulate Norway with their new search solution Biblioteksøk!


(Danish) Inlead deltager på DBs topmøde den 30.-31. marts i Korsør

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