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New customer – Holbæk Bibliotek

Holbæk Library has entered into a two-year contract for the acquisition, implementation and operation of easyDDB. Holbæk Library has planned to start using the new site before April 1st, 2016. In Inlead we look forward to the cooperation.

Photo: Lennart Søgård-Høyer


Jammerbugt Public Libraries

Jammerbugt Public Libraries have intered into a contract with Inlead for the delivery of easyDBB. Moreover the contract includes easyScreen and easyMail.


New Customer in Africa

New customer in Nigeria

Together with Index Data Inlead has won a project for the Kware State University Library in Nigeria.

The university  database, “P​ublishing,Books & Reading in Sub­Saharan Africa” will be accesable from a Drupal based CMS with an advanced search function. Inlead will provide both design and development of the project. Also the new site is to be hosted by Inlead. The new site is scheduled to go into operation later this year.

We look forward to working with Kware State University.


(Danish) Det Administrative Bibliotek køber easyDDB

Sorry, this entry is only available in Danish.


New display solutions

easyScreen has been equipped with a booking function for facilities. This gives you the option of an overview of the usage of meetings and facilities, as well the opportunity to place a screen by each meeting facility, which can inform what event is being held in the respective facility.

easyScreen is an interactive tool as well, whose book scanning feature makes it possible for users to read supplemental information about the material they have scanned through the RFID and / or barcode.

With our active shelves, libraries now get the opportunity to present material in thematic collections. It is possible to write a text or video introduction to the topic, or to limit the display to only include material belonging to a particular section.

We are now offering complete deliveries of large and small display solutions. We supply both hardware and software, together or separately. In cooperation with Modul Retail Solutions we have developed a range of user-friendly display terminals; solutions that are designed specifically for library use.

Read more here: Præsentation INLEAD INFO stationer.pdf


Copenhagen Municipality Libraries chooses WagnerGUIDE

WagnerGuide will initially be implemented at the Library Rentemestervej. The following plan is to roll out the guide to the remaining Copenhagen libraries.

Head of Library, Tine Garsdal, is looking forward to getting started.

Tine Garsdal says:
“WagnerGUIDE has long been on our wish list, and now the time is right, as we face a interior related update of the library. Furthermore, the WagnerGUIDE project stands in line with the new library reform in Copenhagen with a increased focus on self-service. We hope to come into operation with the guide already in December.”


(Danish) Inlead på DBs årsmøde

Sorry, this entry is only available in Danish.


Operating agreement with the Guldborgsund Libaries

As a result of the increasing flexibility Inleads agreements can offer, has Guldborgssund made the decision to sign a 2-year contract with Inlead.  The agreement covers easyDDB, easyMobile, easyScreen and easyMail. The new site is scheduled to launch in Q3.

We look forward to the cooperation.

Photo – Nykøbing Falster by Esby
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


Inlead involved in two projects

Inlead is involved in two projects that have received grants. One in Denmark and one in Norway.

In Denmark, Tårnby has sought funds to make the following functionalities available in DDB and CMS.

Publishing flow
Publishing flow enables the assignment of different roles with corresponding permissions levels to those who are responsible for editorial content on the library’s website. Based on these rights, content written by a journalist is sent off for approval by an editor who can choose to approve or reject the publication of an article (with the possibility of adding a comment to the author), and edit the article before publication.

Content carousel and lists
The content carousel is a graphic expansion of the existing content carousel. The list of materials is toned down graphically. It is based on a search result and can be located different places on the site.

Editorial sections
Editorial sections is a more advanced version of DDB’s ‘group’ feature. The editorial sections automatically create menu shortcuts and thereby provide journalists and editors with a more intuitive approach to creating and classifying content.

Node lists
With the node list funtionality, editors have the option of creating an unlimited number of lists with editorial content on all pages that allow panel editing.

DAMS (Digital Asset Management System)
DAMS is a module that offers central management of all media files, including images, and different file types, such as video and sound files, as well as Word documents, PDFs, etc.

We look forward to making DDB an even better library system.

The Norwegian project is described as separate news.


Inlead is part of a new Norwegian music project

Inlead is supplier of the Norwegian project, Formidling i fremtidens musikkbibliotek (Procurement of Future Music Libraries), which very recently has been assigned project funds.

The project is commissioned by the music departments of Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim and Stavanger.

Together, the music departments will test procurement of new digital music. The project will make it possible to search using traditional sources, digital sources and editorial content. The tool, which is intended primarily for users, will also be applicable to library employees, particularly in instruction situations.

The project starts in January and is set to go on during most of 2015.