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Inlead delivers design for Biblioteksøk in Norway

Norway just got its first joint search data base, Biblioteksøk (Library Search). All of Norway’s public library records can be found in Biblioteksøk. This is a solution that communicates with all public libraries in Norway and standardizes all data before showing it. In Denmark, the closest thing we have to Biblioteksøk is Inlead contributed to the development of Biblioteksøk with usability and graphic design. We congratulate Norway with their new search solution Biblioteksøk!


(Danish) Inlead deltager på DBs topmøde den 30.-31. marts i Korsør

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The libraries in Næstved and Herlev also aquire Digital Shelves

Næstved and Herlev are respectively the 11th and 12th Danish public libraries that aquire Digital Shelves.


Inlead delivers comprehensive screen solutions to Middelfart Public Library

Inlead has provided Middelfart Public Library with a huge solution extending the current digital dissemination in the library and KulturØen.

In relation to the reconstruction of KulturØen, Inlead has delivered a culture portal (CMS) and display solutions. The reconstruction has been massive and has made it possible to keep the library open without personnel presence.

Inlead will implement a CMS culture portal, that besides the library, includes cinemas, cafes, restaurants and tourist information. The library users now has access to self-service including different display functions.

For example:

* CMS solution

* Homepage to both the Library and KulturØen

* Display solutions

* Digital Shelves  (inspiration screen with material front containing neighboring functionality)

* Wayfinder (digital signpost solution)

* Treasure Chests (Adventure universe/video playback)

On behalf of the Library, we are very pleased to see the new solutions in action.


Inlead on Facebook

Inlead’s Facebook group – in Danish.


(Danish) easyDDB bliver til easyOPAC

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(Danish) Inlead på DBs årsmøde i Horsens

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Inlead participating in Norwegean exhibition in Tromsø

Inlead participates in this years Biblioteksmøte, taking place in Tromsø from 8 to 11 March. Meet us at booth 11.


Middelfart Public Library – New customer

Foto: VisitMiddelfart


New customer – Holbæk Bibliotek

Holbæk Library has entered into a two-year contract for the acquisition, implementation and operation of easyDDB. Holbæk Library has planned to start using the new site before April 1st, 2016. In Inlead we look forward to the cooperation.

Photo: Lennart Søgård-Høyer